English Language Course for Manager
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Activity family holidays:
• Horse Riding, Horseback Riding Lessons for beginners, Hiking, Biking, Irish Music
• English Language School in Ireland, English Language Tuition
• Horse Riding and English Lessons for children over 12 years, young people and adults
• Choose Ireland to learn the English Language

Horse Riding and English Lessons Ardmourne House Horseback Riding Lessons Irish Music Training
English Tution for Adults Horse Riding Biking or Hiking

Five Counties Leisure and Activity Holidays:
Horse Riding and English Lessons with specially trained Teachers in the Ardmourne House
Horseback Riding Lessons for beginners with professional Riding Instructors
Training English Conversation with specially trained Teachers in the Ardmourne House
English Tuition for Adults with specially trained Teachers in the Ardmourne House
Horse Riding on the countryside and on the beach
Irish Music Training practice Irish music with Teachers and Irish Musicians

Biking or Hiking in the North West of Ireland
Holiday for all the family and friends - all year round.
You can select from any of our programme or single activity what you wish to do.
We organize everything for you which include transfers and overnight accommodation in friendly family owned guest house.
Ardmourne House Ardmourne House
You spend holidays with family and friends in the Ardmourne House. After breakfast everybody can start the day with another activity (or not). In the evening you can sit together at dinner or by the firesite and discuss your adventures of the day.

We organize everything for you.
You can select from our programme what you wish to do, you can stay longer, you can use your own car...

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Ardmourne House, Stables & English Language School.
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